The Story So Far

In 1992 Jorge Calisto opened up ‘The Original’ Calisto’s Portuguese Restaurant in Turffontein where he manufactured all his own sauces, spices and marinades on a small scale. Already from the early days, the Calisto’s table Peri-Peri was a huge hit, over and above the growing popularity of the restaurant. Chilli lovers from all corners of Gauteng would come in to take home with them a tub of the irresistible ‘Portuguese Jam’.
In 2010 after enjoying nearly 2 decades of hard work and the following success, Jorge was approached with the concept to franchise Calisto’s. With the excitement of a new vision, he began Senhora Sauce Kitchen, or affectionately known as ‘The Sauce Kitchen’, where he began manufacturing sauces for the franchises to ensure a standardised product was used. The Sauce Kitchen would manufacture, bottle and distribute to all the franchises. As the franchise grew so did the Sauce Kitchen.
In 2012 Jorge purchased a small house behind his restaurant which was converted into a sauce ‘factory’. This is where Jorge would spend countless hours and sleepless nights, honing and perfecting his sauce craft, giving rise to an exciting new era in his epic Journey.
In 2018 The Sauce Kitchen now manufactures over 50 products and has begun making it’s mark in the retail sector.
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